Content Management

Content Management can mean different things to different people — it can cover a broad scope of things. What I am offering is more of the scheduled maintenance of such things as:

  • uploading new articles/blogs;
  • posting to social media channels with short (120 characters) leads from the article itself with the appropriate link back to that article for further reading; and
  • writing and posting short (one or two paragraphs) lead-ins for external content that you would like to share with your readers.

If a regular schedule is desired, I use HootSuite, allowing posts for an entire week, or more, to be done at one time. An editorial calendar can be maintained as well, with ideas for content, ensuring a constant stream of fresh new material. I can even work with others, editing and corresponding with the contributing writer about changes that are needed for publication.

Content Management is a perfect addition to writing and posting regularly on your blog/website. It can be incorporated into a package to build a strong online presence and establish a helpful community that reflects your business values and goals.