Books aren’t written — they are rewritten. ~Michael Crichton


Let me take your writing to the next level.

As a writer, I agree. Each book is painstakingly rewritten, again and again, until it becomes the book the public reads. This is rarely, if ever, achieved on the first draft. Yet, even the best of writers need
a good editor, despite their talent for rewriting.

After many revisions, a writer’s brain can play tricks, our mind reading it as we meant it to read and we can miss even the most obvious of mistakes. That’s why a second set of eyes, reading it from a fresh perspective, can see something the writer misses in their own revisions.

I can provide that professional ‘second set of eyes’ to polish your writing. I will also check for consistency, logic, and flow, making certain it is easy to read and understandable to a reader. I also will pay attention to the minute details to make it visibly pleasing and correct, whether it be font style and usage, spacing and character uniformity, and overall suitability of design, whether it be for print, web, or e-book publication.