Who’s On First? Apps For Co-Parenting

Divorce. You’ve survived it. Everyone is settled into separate residences. Now the real chaos starts, only times two. It was a challenge shuffling kids back and forth to school, to extra-curricular activities, to see friends, etc., even when you were a single household. Now, add in the second residence, blended families, and multiple ex-spouses and it can be as confusing to keep track of the goings-on. Maybe as chaotic as the classic Abbot and Costello routine, “Who’s on First.”

But, unlike 20th-century slapstick, today’s co-parents have 21st-century technology to save the day. There are numerous apps available to help with shared parenting schedules and expenses. They may even ease the tension of necessary communication between separated parents, which can help avoid misunderstandings or even fights. They range from free basic calendars, to more full-service apps that charge a monthly or yearly fee. Depending on what you can afford and your needs, you should be able to find something to ease the challenge of keeping you and your kids on track and on time.


Co-parenting facilitator, blog and community.

  • Calendar
  • Finances
  • Journal
  • Albums
  • Info-bank
  • Messages


Web calendar and mobile app for co-parents.

  • Schedule co-parenting time
  • Track communications
  • Notes, emails, texts and reminders


Scheduling and communication tool.

  • Calendar
  • Communication and journal
  • Expenses
  • Contacts and medical info
  • Documents, photos and files
  • Notifications


Family management app for divorced parents.

  • Custody
  • Expense
  • Family
  • Alerts


Child custody for separate households.

  • Calendar
  • Info-bank
  • Message board
  • Expense log
  • Journal
  • Notification


A mobile app for a private social network.

  • Coordinate activities
  • Instant messaging
  • Sharing photos
  • Private and safe


Full-featured package for simple co-parenting.

  • Calendar
  • Note board
  • Finances
  • Contacts
  • Medical
  • Sharing

There are apps to manage just about everything, from cloud-based grocery lists on Out of Milk, to Chore Monster help make household chores more fun for kids, and My Lunch Money for updating and managing your child’s school expenses.

Don’t forget you can utilize a basic calendar for free with many email accounts, such as Google or Yahoo. For a more full-featured organizer, check out Cozi. There are other online calendars available that charge a nominal yearly fee, such as Family Time Planner, or full-featured electronic calendars for a monthly fee like Home Convenience.

Living in two homes after divorce or separation brings its own set of unique challenges and additional stress for co-parents. Better communication and organization is an important step to keeping your families healthy, happy and safe. Explore these many great options so you can find those best suited for you and your children.