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Five Stars For Brit Darby


“What EPa spectacular historical novel!” ~Neuman

“Great book! I wish these two would write more like this.” ~m.mcguinness

“This was a very well thought out, well written book.” ~L. Christensen

“Thank you for the wonderful read.” ~Tracey

“It’s a great tale, well told, and I recommend it for you lovers of Irish medieval romance.” ~Regan

“I absolutely loved every minute of this book.” ~Smiller

“Adventurous and romantic! I couldn’t put it down.” ~Alycia

“Action, suspense and romance in equal measure.” ~Jeancal

“I couldn’t or didn’t want to put this book down.” ~edrum

“The historical research is precise; the characters well built & believable.” ~giulis

“The writing was excellent, the characters real and sympathetic.” ~petticoat grandma

“Great book, well researched and written.” ~Jo

“Emerald Prince is one of the best Kindle Books I have read.” ~Sarah Petersen

“Fabulous story. I truly enjoyed this novel.” ~ihistory

“One of the best I’ve ever read. I truly loved every page.” ~troubador

“Wow, a great read … Brit Darby does NOT disappoint.” ~Marthe

“The story was fast moving, a real page turner and it was easy to fall in love with the characters.” ~Fiona Gallagher (UK)

“Medieval romance at its best … a tasty treat of a book which I could not put down nor wanted to end.” ~Mrs. B. Worthington (UK)

“I loved it. The details about Ireland was amazing~” ~kathy725

“Great story. Full of adventure, mystery, folklore, and romance.” ~Charlene B. Crowe “black crowe”

“Great Book! Want more Brit Darby!” ~Marie

“The characters are well done and the heroine is magnificent.” ~B. Appling

“The character development from the main characters right down to the sub characters was amazing.” ~Medieval Quilter

“This is one of the most enjoyable books I’ve read lately. I loved it.” ~Melissa Holland

“I enjoyed this book tremendously!” ~Sharon Holmes



“I nevewdsw-cover-lgr imagined dragons could be so sexy.” ~Jo

“One of the best books ever.” ~Tracey

“The plot had some great twists and turns.” ~D. Williams

“Great read.” ~Cat Plummer

“Delightful.” ~Texas Dee

“I truly love this book!” ~Amazon Customer

“A sweet, upbeat, intelligent romance.” ~Callie

“Captivating and atmospheric.” ~Mark A. Pickstock

“Pleasant surprise.” ~Amazon Customer

“This deserves six stars.” ~grannie07

“This is a well written book that is a delight to read.” ~Amazon Customer

“Very good. Fantastic storyline.” Paula Cope (UK)

“Wow. That was the only word that crossed my mind as I finished off this novel.” ~Amazon Customer

“Brit, you’ve done it again. Thank you for a wonderful time.” ~Jan Procsal

“Wish there was a second and third book … really loved it.” ~Constance Eason

“This was a great unique story. There is NOTHING I disliked about this book.” ~Lilo Abernathy

“Wow, what a great story! Well worth reading again and again.” ~Jenni Hart

“Is this it?! I need more! ~Kitty

“I could not put it down!” ~Terrilynn

“Thank you for such a great read.” ~Kimberly




“Best Brit yet. Fast, fun and fabulous.” ~Jan Procsal

“Without a doubt this is the best book written by Brit Darby.” ~Jo

“You will find yourself racing through the pages to discover each new reveal.” ~Amazon Customer

“A lot of fun … read it in a day because I couldn’t put it down.” ~C. Clark

“This is a story with many twists and turns and a plot that will keep you turning pages.” ~Regan

“Wow, what a great read! Grabbed my interest from the first page.” ~Marthe

“It holds your attention the whole time … very good book.” ~Amazon Customer

“Very good story line. A great combination of historical background and real events.” ~Ann Engel






You can read more about Brit Darby, the writing team of Fela Dawson Scott and Patricia McAllister, and their books at You can also click on the book covers above for a direct link to the book on Amazon.


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