Web Design

Are you about to start your own business? Or, perhaps you want a nice blog or website for your own personal use and need some help? I can do that for you. Why me, when there are hundreds, probably thousands who can build websites? Well, this is the story behind my latest offering and why I may be the perfect choice.

As I have been working on starting my words YOUR voice a good friend and client has been going through the same process. She had already contracted with several professionals to help with different aspects, but found it all a little overwhelming. One person was building her website, another writing her copy. When it was time to pick a theme and find photos she vo16645612_miced her confusion and I offered to help, and, eventually, I even edited/rewrote her copy to achieve the feel she wanted to convey that she felt was still missing.

In the end, my friend stated she would have much preferred hiring one person who could do it all; design the website, help with photos, and write/edit the copy in her voice. A one-stop shopping experience to build a website. Basically, me.

Now, I’m not a big marketing guru, but I’m learning my way around WordPress. With their large selection of themes, I can create the working ‘innards’, complete with photo selection and copy — my all-in-one package.